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City Council Meetings--April 24& 26

Good Evening,

This week we have two City Council meetings, one Monday night and one Wednesday night. We will wrap up hearing about the recommendations from the City staff for the budget and begin making out own recommendations.

Monday 7:30 PM-Tonight we will hear from our ARPA Manager Andrew Boldec

Wednesday 7:30 PM-


  • Poetry Month – Reading by Poet Laureate

  • Recognition of Montgomery College Scholarship Recipients


*To comment on Zoom, registration is required by 5 pm on the day of the meeting. There

is no registration requirement to comment in person.


1. Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Memorandum of Agreement

with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services for Mental

Health Crisis Counselors

I will vote in favor of this agreement. As a community that strives to advance the ethics of police practices, being sure that persons suffering from mental health challenges are better supported is a goal we are obliged to work towards. ARPA funding is giving us an opportunity to work on this goal, but we will need support from the County in order to secure future funding.


2. Budget Reconciliation

This will be the first chance for council members to suggest adjustments, either additions or subtractions, from the City Manager's proposed budget. I will make some recommendations for reductions in Equipment Reserve spending and other projects. Some Ward 1 residents have already provided public testimony or contacted me about their concerns about the budget, I welcome more input.

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