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City Council Meeting--Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 – 7:30 PM

This Sunday at 3pm the City will celebrate Lee Jordan Day with a viewing of a documentary on his life and contributions to our community at the Community Center.


Ann Ceikot will update the Council on MD’s legislature.


We will hear about the proposed speed hump installation at Second Avenue.

We will hear from the Election Board about the 2022 Election. Turnout was very good this past election in Ward 1 as it was in 2020 as well. Everyone on the Council is interested in how we can support residents from other wards in increasing their turnout. When I have spoken to elected officials who serve Wards 5 and 6, they believe that it is harder to get support from other levels of government because of the low voter turnout.


As I stated last week,”The attorney fees for the firm the City works with have gone up. The firm that we work with, Karpinski, Cornbrooks, and Karp, P.A., is very knowledgeable about many of the different issues that our city seeks counsel on and it works with other municipalities similar to ours.”

We will vote to fill the vacant positions on Boards and Committees. I worked with Council Members Honzak and Dyballa on reviewing the applications. As will be noted, we did a fair job of attracting applications from a diverse age group however, we need to do a better job this June of recruiting a more racially diverse group.


While I support the work that the residents of Second Avenue has done to make their part of the neighborhood safer, the City needs to work towards enacting a more equitable system to install traffic calming measures.

In this report we will hear about what the staff requires in order to move forward with the recommendations from the CSSC. I am in favor of most of what the CSSC recommended and would like to see them get the support that need to make our community safer and more equitable.

7. Recommended Board/Committee Appointments - See item 4

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