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Watch tonight’s Ward 1 meet with EYA.

If you'd like to watch tonight's 7:45 meeting you can join via zoom at: or watch through the City TV.



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City Council Meeting -Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Good Evening Ward 1, This week’s meeting is another short agenda. We will “pregame” before the meeting with our new City Manager, Robert DiSpirito. There will be light refreshments, which usually mean

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Nina Falk
Nina Falk
06 ביוני 2023

Thank you for serving. I am concerned about the scale of the EYA proposal for the Takoma Metro, mostly regarding the scale and height. Please keep in mind that's it possible to scale it down and create something more harmonious with the surrounding community. It can still provide significant housing, especially when taken into account with other construction already underway. Has a traffic study been undertaken? Thank you.


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