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Ward One Meeting with EYA Representatives

Good Evening Ward 1,

It seems likely that the EYA will pass through the DC permitting process and be building a mixed-use development at the Takoma Metro Station. Evan Goldman, Executive Vice President Development and Acquisitions for EYA, and Caren Garfield, VP Multifamily Development, have both agreed to join Ward 1 at 7:45pm on June 6th in the auditorium at 7500 Maple Avenue. I will send out information for joining via Zoom. We will take audience questions and questions sent through the Zoom chat.




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David Bend
David Bend
Jun 11, 2023

Excited to bring more housing and commercial activity to the area and to update the community space. Thx for bringing the EYA reps in for a discussion Shana.

Dave on Maple


Nina Falk
Nina Falk
Jun 06, 2023

I'm very concerned about the massive scale of the development, and especially, the height. It is so aggressive, and doesn't harmonize with the surroundings or community. I'm sure that it can be improved. Hoping for your support for a building we can enjoy through the coming years.


Salim Furth
Salim Furth
Jun 02, 2023

Thanks! I'm very excited about this development and the improvements it will bring. I'll try to attend the first part of the meeting. -Salim on Grant.

Replying to

What are the improvements? Traffic is already problematic with one lane streets bordering the development site. With no food stores within walking distance, having a car will be necessary, adding to traffic problems.


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