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Tonight's City Council Meeting--Wednesday, February 1, 2023 – 7:30 PM

Proclamation – Black History Month

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE-From Ann Ciekot-This is an opportunity to hear how Ms. Ciekot is moving our priorities forward in MD Legislature.

1. FY 2023 Budget Amendment No. 5 (PDF) (revised on 1/30)

This is a budget amendment to take into account unspent money due to unfilled positions and delays in projects. There are also grants included, most that have already been spent.

2. Overview of City Boards and Committees (PDF)

We will get an overview of how Boards and Committees function in Takoma Park. If you haven't already applied for a Board or Committee, I highly recommend still applying. It is a great way to make new Takoma Park friends. The application deadline has been moved to February 8th.

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