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MMPA and City Council Meeting Agenda - 7:30 PM Wednesday, Sept 6, 2023

Good Evening Ward 1,

I hope that you had a great Labor Day Weekend. My family attended Camp Letts' Family Weekend and enjoyed lots of adventures. This week, City Council will reconvene. I will also hold a comment session for Ward 1 at the Community Center in the Hydrangea Room starting at 7pm Thursday September 7th. You can also join via Google Meets at: If you are not available this Thursday please email me your comments or reach out to me and I will make time for us to talk before then.

This week's agenda:


Comment in person or via Zoom.*


The vote was delayed on this and we are moving forward this week. As stated in my last post, City Staff have recommended that we amend our code to protect tenants in situations where their residences are declared unsafe. Recently, the City has provided financial assistance to displaced tenants. We are updating our code to be more congruent with that of Montgomery County’s, where landlords are required to continue to provide housing to their displaced tenants. It is the recommendation of our HCD Department that due to the limitation of landlord’s profits in Takoma Park from rent stabilization, we would require landlords to provide housing to tenants displaced long term for two months rather than the three months set by Montgomery County’s code.


The City Council is still working on a resolution to the Planning Board about the Minor Master Plan Amendment. The current draft is now posted to the City’s website, but I expect that it will continue to get updates through Wednesday.

The subcommittee on Boards and Committees met last week to finalize appointments to the Youth Council. We will announce the appointments at this week’s meeting.

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