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City Council Meeting--Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 – 7:30 PM

Tonight’s agenda will include:


As we do every week during Maryland’s legislative sessions, we will receive an update from Ann Ceikot.


After a lot of thought, I will abstain from voting on this ordinance. I appreciate the work that the residents did to complete this petition, however our current process is flawed. We need to upgrade to a process that doesn’t give single family home owners an unfair advantage.

Find more information about the previously passed resolution here:

And the Complete Safe Streets Committee Report here:

The Budget Amendment No. 5 looks a lot different than it did when it was first presented on February 8th. It does not include salaries in our savings. This is because it is not accurate to say that the full amount of the salaries of unfilled positions went unspent. Some portion of those salaries were spent to give employees in “acting” roles, such as “Acting Deputy City Manager,” a pay differential to compensate them for a higher level of employment than that to which they are hired for. When we were presented this amendment last time, we also suggested that we increase the budget for the Tree Fund Reserve. The Tree Fund Reserve money is generated by residents who remove trees in order to replace them. That is the strict use for that fund. ARPA was left out of this amendment/report for general comprehension and due to the fact that it is a standalone fund.

As I said last week, “These are all of the typical road closures for the Old Takoma Business Association. I recommend clicking the link to the PDF above and putting them on your calendar so that you can attend. “


We will discuss the Council Priorities. These priorities will then be used to help the City set its budget for the next fiscal year.

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