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City Council Meeting -Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Good Evening Ward 1,

This week’s meeting is another short agenda. We will “pregame” before the meeting with our new City Manager, Robert DiSpirito. There will be light refreshments, which usually means cake or cookies, so hopefully you can make it. 

6:30 – 7:15 PM RECEPTION TO WELCOME THE NEW CITY MANAGER Join the Mayor and City Council in welcoming Robert DiSpirito, the new City Manager. Light refreshments will be served in the Atrium Lobby.


As I stated last week,”I reached out to Chief DeVaul and he explained that the Takoma/Langley Crossroads area has suffered from the uptick in crime more so than other areas in Takoma Park. The usage of video camera trailers has been proven to both reduce crime and help in prosecuting offenders. The purchase of the new camera will ensure that our other camera can continue to be moved to other locations as needed.”


2. Review of Proposed Updates to Facilities Regulations (PDF) (15-minute presentation; 15-minute Q&A)

We are reviewing the Facilities Regulations to ensure equity.  My main concern with the proposed updates is that I would like for them to be as clear as possible. For instance, "“Large social gatherings” is wording that appears but doesn’t have a precise definition. I am hoping staff can elaborate on vague areas within the regulations. 

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