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City Council Meeting--Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 – 7:30 PM


Cover sheet to Agenda Items 1 and 2 (PDF) (revised 02/03)

1. First Reading Ordinance Approving FY 2023 Budget Amendment No. 5 (PDF)

This amendment

  • takes into account money that we haven't spent on salaries of unfilled positions and puts them back into the General Fund.

  • shows grants that have flowed through the Special Revenue Fund.

  • takes into account ARPA money that we haven't spent and puts it back into the ARPA fund.

I don't see any of these "savings" (monies going back into the General Fund or ARPA fund) as positive. Unfilled staff positions means heavier workloads on staff than is appropriate and the ARPA money still needs to be spent on ARPA projects. I am going to vote in favor of this budget amendment because it tidies our bookkeeping.

I am excited about the Maple Avenue Connectivity Project. I urge everyone who lives in Ward 1 to read the Environmental Considerations and Racial Equity Considerations in this amendment pertaining to that project.


2. First Reading Ordinance Approving FY 2023 Stormwater Management Budget Amendment No. 2 (PDF)

This is similar to the first item; we are amending the budget to take into account that the Stormwater Management Fund has a "savings" due to an empty position at Public Works. I am hopeful that the position will be filled soon.


3. Stormwater Management Program Overview

As stated, this will be a Stormwater Management Program Overview presented by Director Braithwaite.


4. Procurement – Replacement Roof for the Recreation Center

Unfortunately, the Recreation Center needs a new roof. I hate to spend money on something that will soon be demolished, but we are not starting work to replace the Rec Center, as we haven't even reviewed RFPs. We have to protect the people using the Rec Center, its equipment, and the structure itself until we are ready to replace it.

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