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City Council Meeting--Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 – 7:30 PM

Hi Everyone,

1. Please be aware that we are experiencing an increase in crime.

I want to make sure everyone is aware of the letter Chief DeVaul posted to the City’s website in response to the rising violent crime rate. The action he is asking of residents is : “if you see something say something.” Community members can also leave anonymous tips on our 911 Tip Line, Residents’ calls/tips have led to officers being able to make arrests for in-progress crimes and have also provided information that has helped us solve crimes.”

This letter is in part in response to the home invasion robbery that happened in Ward 1 yesterday at 9:59am. I will reach out to the Chief tomorrow and post again tomorrow or Friday. In the letter above, Chief DeVaul mentions that he would like to see action “implementing some of the recommendations made by the Takoma Park Reimaging Public Safety Task Force.” I will ask for clarity on what those actions are and how else the Council might support him.

2. City Manager Jamal Fox has resigned:

3. Tonight’s Agenda:


An update from Ann Ciekot


1. Single Reading Ordinance Authorizing Execution of a Contract for the Recreation Center Roof Replacement

As I said last week, “Unfortunately, the Recreation Center needs a new roof. I hate to spend money on something that will soon be demolished, but we are not starting work to replace the Rec Center, as we haven't even reviewed RFPs. We have to protect the people using the Rec Center, its equipment, and the structure itself until we are ready to replace it.”

I will vote in favor of this ordinance. I asked for the environmental considerations to be amended last week, because it mentioned that the roof would be guaranteed for 20 years and we know it is unlikely we will keep it for that long.


2. Board and Committee Appointment Recommendations (PDF)

All of the Board and Committee appointments have been worked through except for COLTA and the Nuclear Free Committee. Those will be presented next week.

3. Discussion of City Attorney Contract Amendment (fees) (PDF)

The attorney fees for the firm the City works with have gone up. The firm that we work with, Karpinski, Cornbrooks, and Karp, P.A., is very knowledgeable about many of the different issues that our city seeks counsel on and it works with other municipalities similar to ours.

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