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City Council Meeting--Wednesday, April 12th, 2023 – 6:00PM (closed) and 7:30 PM

Good Afternoon Ward 1,

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather today. Tomorrow's meeting has 4 basic parts:

A closed session to discuss litigation with the City attorney pertaining to the opioid litigation settlement and the Neighborhood Development Company / Takoma Junction Project. If there are more details that I am able to share after the meeting, I will do so.

My drop in office hours for April are:

Thursday the 13th 7pm-8:30pm at BevCo

Thursday the 20th 2pm-3:30pm at The Streetery

Sunday the 23rd 5pm-6:30pm virtual

Video call link:

I am happy to get together during other hours as well if you would like to schedule a time.



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