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City Council Meeting–May 23rd at 7:30pm

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. There have been a lot of events in our community this spring. I am headed out for very primitive family camping for this long weekend coming up, as I have heard lots of others are planning to do as well.

This Wednesday:


1. Single Reading Ordinance Awarding a Contract for Rental Housing Licensing Software (PDF)

I am supportive of efforts to make our city staff more efficient and to relieve the stress of outdated technology. Being a city that works to be inclusive through rental affordability makes our staff’s jobs more complicated than cities without rent stabilization protection and I appreciate applying better working technologies to alleviate staff.

2. Resolution Establishing Policy Objectives Associated with the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget (PDF) Revised 5/22

Our councilmembers felt that the budget process didn’t allow deep dives on possibilities for some substantial changes (such as examining the Equipment Reserve Fund and some of the fees the City charges for services.) This resolution will require that the City Council, the City Manager, and the Financial Director work together to review policies, alongside staff, to consider changes that would be rushed during the budget season.

3 and 4. Montgomery Planning Presentation – Minor Master Plan Amendment followed by Council discussion (PDF)

Minor Master Plan Amendment Progress Draft (May 12, 2023) (PDF)

I am still digesting the Minor Master Plan. I have a lot of questions for the planning team and this meeting might be a late one. I would like to see more to address our need for middle income housing and I am still unconvinced that we don't need to plan more public schools in our area. I do like the idea of more mixed use on northern Maple Avenue.

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