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City Council Meeting–June 7th at 7:30pm

Good Evening Ward 1,

This week we one voting session item and one presentation.


Last week the Montgomery County Planning staff came to present updates to the Minor Master Plan Amendment that they are currently working on. We are currently working on a resolution that will offer support to the Plan while also asking for any revisions that are necessary in order to support the City Council's Priorities and the City of Takoma Park’s Housing and Economic Development Strategic Plan. I realize that a final draft for that resolution is not yet available as the Council is still working on it. The final draft will likely have a couple of additional "asks" or "resolves" to it but I don't think much will be edited out from what is already there. Additionally, the City Council intends to submit a letter to the Planning Staff during the next phase.


  • Presentation (may not be available until after the meeting)

I really appreciate this presentation which is inline with the priority that the City Council set for Fiscally Sustainable Government. When comparing revenues/expenditures from the previous fiscal year to the current fiscal year, we are at a similar point with both revenues and expenditures to where we were last year at this time.

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