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City Council Meeting Agenda - Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Good Evening Ward 1,

I hope you enjoy rainy weather since that's what we've been having. Tonight we are mostly wrapping up our FY2025 budget with a few other items.




The above items were previously voted on last week but require two votes. I, along with other City Councilmembers, have been pleased with the budget and the process this year. It felt like there was a little less to discuss this year as there was less money to spend since our ARPA dollars are dwindling. I expect the upcoming year to have conversations before we get into budget season and to see bigger budget changes as our new City Manager learns more about how our city works on a more intimate level. We have included in this budget money to work with a consultant on performance measures. 

As the City TV will be moving to a different location during renovations, they will need to move their equipment, which has never been cataloged. Some equipment is no longer in use and will be removed. This job will need to be done quickly so that there isn’t an interruption in services. 

Our current HR software is outdated. I am looking forward to the efficiency and less stress from employees performing tasks that ought to be automated. 

We need a process to hold hearings for Takoma Park Police Officers when necessary. This will allow us to engage a judge or retired judge to oversee such hearings


7.  Wrap Up of 2024 Legislative Session and Discussion of Legislative Priorities to Submit to the Maryland Municipal League

Ann Ceikot will be joining us to review State Legislation changes in the 2024 session. I appreciate this run down and look forward to also hearing from staff what the implications are for our city and what the City Council needs to do in order to take advantage of some of the new legislation. Often state legislation gives jurisdictions the ability to enact new policies on which they previously didn’t have the authority, but doesn’t require them to do so, and will require action from the Council.  

This resolution provides us an opportunity to look at what could have gone better this year and make changes to the process for next year. A budgetary calendar was developed in the Finance/Budget Working group. We also need to look at funds such as the Equipment Replacement Reserve. If our intention is to electrify our fleet, we are not currently saving enough in the account to allow us to purchase vehicles with an EV pricetag. 

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