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City Council and Ward 1 Budget Meeting

March 22nd & 23rd

Good Evening Ward 1 Residents,

  • Please consider attending a budget meeting I am hosting for Ward 1 this Thursday the 23rd at 7pm in the Hydrangea Room in the Community Center. I have changed from the Azalea room for the meeting to be accessible virtually. The intent of the meeting is to provide an informal atmosphere for constituents to talk about their concerns and hopes for the upcoming budget. I will have to send out another posting once I have the virtual meeting information.


6:30 PM

Police Department Annual Report (PDF)

2022 Police Report (PDF)

  • Presented by Chief DeVaul. In addition to the statistics that this report provides about crime over the last year, it is also a good overview of the community activities our police department have engaged in this past year.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Proclamation (March 2023) (PDF)



2. Financial Forecast (PDF)

  • I am looking forward to a better understanding of what the specific recommendations are from Raftelis.

Presentation Agenda (PDF)

Presentation (PDF)


(Sign up for public comments over Zoom will be open until 5:00 PM on the day of the meeting. Registration is not required to comment in person.)

Link to Comment on Zoom


3. (Tentative) Discussion of Council Priorities

  • We are continuing to tighten up the Priorities for the Council. I am hoping we can pare them down a bit more in efforts to have a healthier budget.


4. Overview of the FY 2024 Budget Process (PDF)

  • This is a basic rundown of the dates for the Budget Process.

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